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HWAM 4640

A wood-burning stove that presents itself as a lovely and elegant piece of furniture and yet is humble without compromising on any technical solutions. This model is the right choice for anyone wanting an elegant stove that does not compromise on the technological solutions. The extra wide glass section offers a perfect view of the warm flames even though this is one of the smallest stoves of the 4600 series.

HWAM 4640m - Modern door.
HWAM 4640c - Classic door. 
HWAM 4640c - Available with soapstone, sandstone, white, black or grey cover
HWAM 4640m - Available with soapstone, sandstone white or black cover

You can also order the stove with an exclusive San Sebastian stone or with Gray Sandstone.

HWAM® SmartControl™ is available as internal fitting in this HWAM wood-burning stove.

Height (cm)114,3
Width (cm)63,0
Depth (cm)40,6

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