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HWAM 3640

A wood-burning stove with high heating capacity and a very low particle emission...

HWAM 3640m is a eco-friendly wood-burning stove and a variant of HWAM 3630m. Same height and shape but without side glass. Like the other models in the series, it is equipped with a ventilated handle and a locking system that makes it easy to open and shut the door.

HWAM 3640m - Modern door
HWAM 3640c - Classic door
HWAM 3640m - Available with soapstone, sandstone, Rosewood, white or black cover
HWAM 3640c - Available with soapstone, sandstone, Rosewood, white, black or grey cover

HWAM® SmartControl™ is available as internal fitting in this HWAM wood-burning stove.

Height (cm)114,8
Width (cm)60
Depth (cm)44,2

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