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HWAM 4620

A wood-burning stove that combines good quality with the future trends of interior design.

This model is a variant of HWAM’s new series of wood-burning stoves, HWAM 4600. Do you want a discrete stove capable of heating up your home and creating a good atmosphere? Then this stove may appeal to you, as it is the smallest model in the HWAM 4600 series, which is characterised by its extra wide glass section that broadens the view of the dancing flames.

HWAM 4620c - Modern classic side hinged door
HWAM 4620m - Classic side hinged door
HWAM 4620m - Available in white or black
HWAM 4620c - Available in white, black or grey

Height (cm)84,8
Width (cm)63,0
Depth (cm)40,6

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