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HWAM 3660

The minimalist exterior conceals advanced technology, a firewood box and a heat storage compartment.

HWAM 3660 is an ecofriendly and tall, attractive wood-burning stove that has a storage space beneath the combustion chamber and a heat storage compartment at the top. When the heat storage compartment is filled with stone, some of the heat is retained and subsequently given off over several hours.

HWAM 3660m - Modern door.
HWAM 3660c - Classic door.
HWAM 3660m - Available with soapstone, sandstone, Rosewood, white or black cover
HWAM 3660c - Available with soapstone, sandstone, white, black or grey cover

HWAMยฎ SmartControlโ„ข is available as internal fitting in this HWAM wood-burning stove.

Height (cm)150,8
Width (cm)55,6
Depth (cm)44,2

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