Why choose kiln dried logs?

We know that it can be a little bit baffling trying to work out the difference between the various types of firewood. There are many varieties of logs out there to purchase, from ash to oak, from kiln dried to non-dried, and the possibilities are endless.

We think that one of the best options is kiln dried wood. These are logs which have had excess moisture removed in an artificial kiln drying process.  We believe that they’re a great fuel to get the best out of your wood burning stove, and here’s a few reasons why!



The moisture content of kiln dried logs is typically 20%, as opposed to a standard log which is usually 60%. This means they burn at a much higher temperature than other types of logs, as there is less excess moisture to burn off.  A wood-burner will work much more efficiently and economically at these temperatures.


As we said, kiln dried wood burns at a much higher temperature than standard logs. This means that they are much more economical, as your stove will require fewer logs to achieve the same heat output. We love this snazzy diagram showing how many kiln dried logs you’d need to achieve the same output as standard wood!



Kiln dried logs are a fantastic way to prolong the life of your stove. The higher temperature of the wood means that excess water and sap inside the wood are burned off much more thoroughly. This stops them from building up on the inside of your stove as tar, which over time can foul and rust your wood-burner, leading to damage and loss of efficiency.


The dryer the log, the quicker it ignites! This means that you can light your wood-burner without delay (we’ve all sat in front of our stove anxiously wondering whether the wood is going to catch, haven’t we!?) and produce a great flame within minutes.


So there you have it! For more information on where and how to source the best wood or how to get the best out of your wood burning stoves, call the experts at Stamford Stoves today!