Esse, Built To Last

One of the brands that we at Stamford Stoves are very proud to represent is Lancashire-based manufacturers Esse.


Esse have recently launched a bold new advertising campaign which places their beautiful products at the heart of the home and family life, so we thought this would be the ideal time to tell you a little more about them!


Esse has been creating and engineering a robust, high-quality range of cast iron cooking and heating products for over 160 years. Founded by James Smith in 1854, Esse was originally given a French-sounding name to fit in with the fashion at the time! 

Since then, their exceptional craftsmanship has won them a whole host of fascinating clients; Florence Nightingale would only use Esse at her hospital in Balaclava, whilst

Explorers Ernest Shackleton and Walter Scott kept cosy with an Esse in some of the bleakest and most inhospitable environments on earth. Fast forward to 1985, when an Esse range cooker made its Hollywood debut alongside Roger Moore in ‘A View to a Kill’ …  and to the present day, where Esse takes pride of place in Prince Charles’s home in Dumfries, as well as the famous River Cottage HQ at Axminster. An impressive list!


However, what we love most is that Esse are the only one of our brands to offer a whole range of cooking products alongside their selection of classic and contemporary wood-burning stoves. They manufacture wood, gas and electric fired range cookers which truly become the heart of any home – we have two demonstration models in our Barnack showroom, so please pop down if you’d like to see an Esse range cooker in action!

You can find out more about this brilliant brand at, or by contacting Stamford Stoves using the button below. An Esse is a wonderful way to complete your home, so please get in touch today to find out more about their product range.